The first 40 years 1970 - 2010


Music, Choreo-dramatic-Acts (Dance Theatre)

"Spring - a Memory"
 For two dancers, two musicians (Violin/violoncello) and Electronic Sound Track

 For two to four dancers and fourteen musicians.

 For dancers, two actors, a baritone singer, three musicians (violoncello, clarinet, percussion) and Electronic Sound Track.

 For two dancers (minimum), four voices, percussion and Electronic Sound Track.

Orchestral - Orchestral / Vocal

Christos Pittas conducting the National Symphony Orchestra of London and soloists Spyros Sakkas and Vangelis Simos in his work 'Hamathen' "Epitaphios" poems by Yiannis Ritsos.
 For one actor and chamber ensemble.

"Syvilla" on a poetic drama by A.Sikelianos.
 For two actors, tenor, choir and orchestra.

"AG" (Aeschylus/Josipovici).
 For tenor, male choir and orchestra.

"Faust" based on Goethe‘s drama.
 For soprano, baritone, actor/singer, children’s choir, church organ and orchestra.

"Idola" Suita concertante.
 For 14 instrumentalists.

"Osper Onar" (Like a Dream).
For string orchestra.

"Hamathen" poems by Roys Papangelou inspired by the 1974 Cyprus tragedy.
 For tenor, baritone, female choir, piano and orchestra.

"Lumen Tristis" poems by Roys Papangelou.
 For mezzo-soprano, tenor, female choir, piano and orchestra.

"Helen" poem by Giorgos Seferis.
 For soprano and orchestra.

"Rime d’Amore" on 16th century Petrarchian Poems.
 For soprano, tenor, baritone, troubadour, piano and orchestra.

"1973" poems by Vassilis Vasilikos.
 For soprano, choir, solo piano, Electronic Sound Track and orchestra.

Orchestral - Instrumental/Vocal

 For a solo percussionist and Electronic Sound track.

"Violoncello Quartet"

"String Quartet"

 For flute, violin and piano.

"Helen" poem by Giorgos Seferis.
 For soprano and piano.

"Summer and Death" poem by Christine Furnival.
 For soprano and piano.

"Byzantine Icon" poem by C.Pittas.
 For soprano and piano.

"Bitter Desire, Sweet Sufferings" aria from Rime d’ Amore.
 For soprano and piano.

"The Empty Glens" poem by Peter Beresford Ellis.
 For tenor, flute, piano and strings.

"Eros" poem by Sophocles.
 For Mezzo soprano and guitar.

"Fovamai" (I am Scared) poem by G.Koropoulis.
 For Mezzo soprano and guitar.

"Aretousa’s Lament" poem by V.Kornaros.
 For Mezzo soprano and guitar.

"Ionian Fragments"
 For solo guitar.

"Epistrofi" (Return)
 For violin and violoncello.

"Chorika" on poems by Euripides, Sophocles, Hortatsis and Kornaros.
 Five pieces about love for chorus and small instrumental ensemble.

Song Cycles

"Marabou, Pousi, Traverso" ten songs on poems by Nikos Kavvadias.

"Exile and the November Uprising" on poems by V.Vasilikos, M.Pontikas and C.Pittas.

"Erotika" seven songs on poems by Takis Antoniou.
 For male voice, choir, violin solo and instrumental ensemble.

"Erotokritos" seven songs on poems by V.Kornaros.
 For female voice, choir and instrumental ensemble.

"Stigmes" (Moments). Ballads on poems by Kostas Varnalis, Pavlos Matesis, John Theocharis, Giorgos Koropoulis, Sophie Hannah, Christos Pittas.

Other Works

"Greek Homelands in Asia Minor"Music for a BBC/ERA Radio documentary.
The music, composed for traditional instruments, was performed and recorded by the Aegean Forces band specialising in these instruments.

"Makarios and the Seychelles"
Music for a TV documentary on President Makarios's time as a political prisoner in exile.

Over 60 Music scores for Drama Productions

Christos Pittas has composed also over 60 music scores for Drama productions mainly in Britain, Greece and Cyprus.