Spring"Antigone" is one of the works that Christos Pittas has composed in the format of a ‘Choreo-Dramatic Music Act’, or Dance-Drama Music Act, in which the sound, i.e. the music, provides the impetus and the context to other forms of artistic expression to develop from, through and because of it.

His first composition in this category was "Idola", for 14 musicians and two (or four) dancers. AntigoneThis was premiered at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall in 1984 by the London Chamber Orchestra and dancers Sylvia Byrne and Ian Stewart.

"Idola, a concerto for two dancers and orchestra by Christos Pittas, revealed itself last night at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, as a work of exceptional power and strangeness, with qualities which took it outside any normal ideas of period or place"...Fernau Hall, Daily Telegraph.

Antigone Other Music, Choreo-Dramatic Acts of his are: "Heli-Om", for two dancers, a percussionist, four vocalists and a Sound Track. "Spring a Memory", for two dancers, two instrumentalists (violin/violoncello) and Electronic Sound Track (the first version of the work revised in 2010, was performed in 2000 by Northern Ballet soloists Luc Jacobs and Charlotte Broom, cellist Justin Pearson and violinist Kate Robinson).

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Extracts from "Antigone"

A Music Dance Drama Act (choreographed/directed by Franz Huyer). With Gorlitzballett, Baritone Spyros Sakkas, actors Nikos Charalambous & Anita Santorinaiou and musicians, Nikolas Papageorgiou, percussion, Aude Marie Auphan, cello, Katerina Vachova, clarinet

Music by Christos Pittas

Speech as an intricate part of the music score. Extract from "Antigone"
a Music Dance Drama Act.

With Spyros Sakkas ,baritone, Nikos Charalambous, actor, Katerina Vachove, clarinet, Aude Marie Auphan, Violoncello, Nikolas Papageorgiou, Percussion.

Extract from "Idola"

With the London Chamber Orchestra and conductor the composer.
Extracts from "Spring"

With dancers Charlotte Broom and Luc Jacobs, violinist Kate Robinson and cellist Justin Pearson + E.Sound Track.